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3 Basic Digital Strategy Frameworks to Guide Your Planning

Digital Marketing is become Crucial these days. In early days of internet it was very easy to market the product via web channels however after explosion of Internet there is no cake walk for marketing your product and that too if you are very new in the market it’s hard to grab people attention towards your product. Hey, don’t be scared, we are there to help you in this. Now a day’s Search engine like Google uses AI Technology to eliminate unnecessary product promotion and aggressive marketing because there are many marketers or spammer to enforce their agenda use function like keyword stuffing, spammy backlinks, and most of the time found search engine grab these kind of activity and remove such spammers to protect original contents.

Digital Strategy Frameworks Introduction

There are some set Digital strategy frameworks if you are new to this or If you want to set your marketing strategy well planned Digitally, you suppose to study and understand 3 basic digital strategies frameworks such as R.A.C.E Planning Formula, Funnel Marketing, and Flywheel Model. We insist you read and absorb these frameworks by using these Basic strategies you can start a digital strategy framework from scratch.

R.A.C.E Planning

This gives you a generic tactic under different objectives; by applying this you can GROW YOUR BUSINESS exponentially, this is a proven framework that is used and used by many digital marketers to get the best by using this. There is no rocket science to apply this as we said this is a basic framework and just needs your attention and depends on you how you could use it and scale your business with many folds.

Reach – Reach is nothing but by applying various methods you can reach the max customer, this involves creating awareness amongst people to reach out towards products or services, and we also see this form of activity is to be done so that everyone should know that specific product or services customer may get when then connect with you. Basically, how do you connect with the client by using different marketing campaigns, brand awareness programs, email marketing, social media marketing, and advertising ( we have details of 60+ marketing methods in our Premium Segment you can look at that as well )

Act – Once you succeed to grab public attention towards you, the next step is ACT or start taking action on it, you will have to pitch or promote your product so that you can convert the crowd into your customer, remember we used the word Public, not customer you need to take efforts to convert public into your customer, in digital marketing, you will have to provide either free services, discount, something add on to your product to gain the trust of your potential customer to generate lead.

Convert – after a generation of Leads, you will have to make sure that you deliver to the customer what you have promised, and your product or services suppose to be that much strong that where you can customer should not regret purchasing from you, try to keep a back up plan always in case your sales go up then how you should react and vice versa if sales fall then how you need to cope up.

Engaged – this is a very vital aspect in terms of customer retention… Although it’s up to your product what kind of product or services you are selling what we suggest you are if you have recurring product and services but even if you does not have such… Still trying to give after-sales service, testimonials, consumer feedback on your product, rating on your product so that it will work as trust building factor and have to spend less on marketing.

Below Illustration give you much more clarity

Funnel Marketing

What is Funnel marketing?

Start with the basics… what is a funnel, have you ever poured liquid or Oil from a can to a small bottle the equipment used to pour liquid is called a funnel likewise in the Digital Marketing Strategy Framework Funnel marketing is Journey right from brand awareness to Lead Generation, it includes 4 phases Awareness, Evaluation, Conversion, Delight

Marketing Funnel Phases

Awareness – your Content must focus on educating your audience about your product and services.

Evaluation – Let Customers determine whether they need your product or not, create urgency or delight the customer so that customer can make the decision.

Conversion – Pitch or promote your product or services so that it give Reasons to buy your product.

Delight – Post conversion Keep your audience engaged always to retain their interest in your product like offering discounts, additional services

The main problem with funnel marketing is we need to build a mechanism where users continuously get aware of the product we have to continuously search for user attention, to overcome this you need to build a community or social media group or YouTube channel so that you can engage people.

Below Illustration give you much more clarity

Flywheel Model

As we discussed in Funnel marketing getting user attention is the biggest problem and the flywheel marketing model somehow reduce this issue, E-commerce site like Amazon use this model.

What is flywheel Model?

Where there is a funnel module you will have to take an effort to seek people’s attention on the other hand flywheel is a kind of module you do not have to take extra effort to keep the shop running here Customer satisfaction work as a Fuel to run this module… Like once you delight the customer with your product and service your customer becomes a promoter or advertiser of your product and brings more customers to you so that you can sell your product.

let’s understand with an example of where there is end to end connection between customer and suppliers, with a great quality product at affordable prices satisfy the customer this delighted customer bring more customers with mouth publicity, and with increasing customer demand encourages more supplier to sell their product on Most e-commerce site runs on this model so once the system started running it goes on and on.

Below Illustration give you much more clarity


Funnel Marketing v/s Flywheel Model

In the funnel where to have to take extra effort to continues bring the customer towards your product and services on the other hand customer work as fuel to run this model and no need to take extra effort
In the funnel as per the illustration you could see there is always endpoint on the other hand flywheel model is an ongoing process
The Funnel starts with the awareness stage however flywheel starts with the customer delighting stage

Below Illustration give you much more clarity


We have explained all 3 Basic Digital Strategy Frameworks in Digital strategy planning in simple words with illustrations hope you will work on the same, we insist you read our premium content as well to get deep and detailed knowledge about Business growth and Inspirational content which keep your hope high. subscribe us for continues learning ahead.

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