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Anne Frank 15 year old girl Inspire and motivate you with her heart melting life and tragic end

From the age of just 13 to 15, the girl wrote a diary. And this little Jewish girl’s diary touched the hearts of the whole world. Even today, 75 years later, the experiences in this diary are engraved on the hearts of the entire world. Millions of Jews were massacred during World War II under Hitler’s oppressive Nazi Empire. That genocide is infamously known as ‘Holocaust’. In this diary, Anne Frank describes the horrific images of the war and the genocide of the Jews that she saw. She has written this diary for two years of her almost 15 years of life. She verbalized these authentic experiences while hiding with her family to avoid being caught by the Nazi German army. Unfortunately, Anne was then captured by Nazi forces. She met an unfortunate end in a concentration camp. However, the very poignant and heart-breaking description she made in the diary was immortalized. It has become an important book in modern history that records World War II.

Who was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany to a Jewish family. However, due to the growing influence of the Nazi Party in Germany and their partisan policies and violence towards the minority Jewish community, her family moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. World War II broke out when Anne was ten years old. Shortly thereafter, Germany overthrew the Netherlands. This brought the war to Anne’s family’s doorstep. During this period, the Jewish community was targeted by the Nazi aggressors. Jews were arrested, killed or sent to inhumane torture camps (concentration camps). As a result, millions of Jews were forced to flee their homes, some of them living in hiding. Anne’s family began living in the spring of 1942 in a secret residence in Anne’s father’s office.

How did this routine make history?

Anne Frank’s family, like millions of other Jewish families, had to abandon it and flee with few belongings and seek refuge in hidden abodes. Ann’s thirteenth birthday had been a few weeks ago. At that time, she was carrying a gift she had received with love. The gift was a wahi (checkered hardback notebook). She used this as a diary for the next two years and history was made! The diary became the medium to reach the world. For the next 25 months, Anne poured her heart out on every page of this diary. From the hiding place, she recorded observations from her teenage vision. She describes in detail her mysterious dreams, the fears she feels, etc. These descriptions are heartbreaking. Hoping that her diary entries could be published after the war, Anne wove her writings into a coherent narrative called ‘Het Akterhuis’ (‘The Secret Annex’).

How did Anne Frank meet her tragic end?

The Frank family in hiding was unfortunately discovered by the Nazi police on August 4, 1944. All of them were arrested. He was taken to prison. Then they were subjected to unbearable hard labor to torture them. He was then forcibly sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. There they were kept in very inadequate small unsanitary quarters. Anne was then sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany along with her sister Margo. The Nazi Germans even committed brutal murders of international Jewish prisoners. Moreover, these unsanitary concentration camps were rife with deadly diseases. Sisters Anne and Margo Frank ultimately met a very unfortunate end in such an unhealthy environment in these inhumane concentration camps. Anne was only 15 years old at that time.

How is this routine useful for new generations?

Although Anne Frank did not survive the concentration camps, her account of those terrible years, The Diary of Anne Frank, was read around the world. Since then, it has become one of the most widely read realist literature ever published. It has been translated into more than 80 languages worldwide. Frank’s diary has become an important tool for teaching the terrible consequences of World War II in schools around the world. It is used to teach future generations about the dangers of racism, genocide, and oppression.

What is the purpose of ‘Google’ in keeping ‘Doodle’?

Anne’s father, Otto Frank, decided to publish the diary in book form soon after the war so that the world could see a representative expression of the emotions of all the victims of Nazism. The aim was also to create a foundation for awareness and communication among the new generations about racial discrimination. June 25th recently marked the 75th anniversary of the publication of the first edition of Anne Frank’s diary. On this occasion, Google thanked Ann for sharing her experiences and for inspiring optimism for the future by sharing her doodles. Google further mentioned that these doodles not only open the door to the past but also increase awareness of the present. Millions of children around the world are still suffering from war, racism, and racism. We hope, this doodle will draw the world’s attention to the issue and fulfill the noble intention of Anne Frank’s father behind the publication of her diary.

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