Charlie Chaplin: An Inspiration for Generations

Charlie Chaplin Imagine the power of this word, you automatically start smiling when you read this name, today he is the Icon and Inspiration of many artists, He become the God of Comedy Genera, He was the Pioneer of the Golden Era of Performing Arts. Became famous, connected with people – He made people laugh like mad and at the same time made them cry with his superb acting and with no special effects or many times without speaking a word. A man who gave a guarantee of spreading joy and happiness in people’s life. A man with a short mustache and long Hat with a stick in his hand, His unique style of walking, everything starts coming in front of your eyes when you heard the name, Charlie Chaplin. Have you seen Precious Diamond ever, do you realize how many cuts he has to bear before Shine, Have you seen a Gold Jewel, do you know Gold metal has to melt at the highest degree temperature to get that eye-catching perfect design. Likewise, you have seen a man who always spread a smile on our face, do you ever know his tragic life, and struggle, how many cuts his heart had to bear before shining like a star, How much his childhood gets melted on the Highest Degree of Temperature on furnace Called Life before getting that fame and popularity. Read with us a Story of a man who hid behind a smiling masked man and how his mother has to perform just to earn a slice of bread? A childhood Incident that force him to perform on stage, How a poor child who was just about to reach the thin line of begging become the most famous filmmaker? How did a Child of a Mother who was taking mental therapy become the world’s greatest comedian? Be a part of this heart-melting journey of the greatest showman Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin Jr. & Drunker Father

Charlie Chaplin, one of the world’s greatest comedians, was born on April 16, 1889, in London, England. His full name was Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr.; Chaplin spent his childhood in poverty, His father was a failed singer. His mother, Hannah Chaplin, was a small-time actress. When Hanna married Charles’s chaplain she was already a mother of an infant baby, they both are a singer in singer in small concerts and stages, where drinking and serving alcohol was normal things, and by this culture, Charles made drunker, he was not sporting the family,

Charlie Chaplin & Mother Betray

Due to Charles this behavior Hanna separated from Charles and married a person named Leo, for some time Leo had taken care of her family, and this couple had a son name, George, after some days Leo absconded with his son George, in fact, better to say he left Anna and her son without notifying her.

Charlie Chaplin & Orphanage

Do you Imagine a boy mental status whose father and mother both are alive still has to spend 18 months at the orphanage, due to his mother could not have enough money to get bread and butter to raise her child?

Charlie Chaplin & Mother’s Mental Condition

When Anna realize she can afford to raise her son she went and kept her son with her, but till this stage, she was mentally broke and had to be taken to a mental hospital repeatedly, and again

Charlie Chaplin & Child Abuse

Charlie had to deliver to his drunken dad and stepmother, in his autobiography Charlie said his stepmother was misbehaving or abusing him in childhood, after some time his father died and eventually his stepmother also died

Charlie Chaplin & Life Changing Event at Age of 5

A 5-year-old boy named Charles one day went with her mother to see a performance of her on stage, she was a singer, she was singing well, suddenly in between her voice started cracking due to a throat issue…now the audience started hooting and shouting, Show manager came to this lady and started abusing her, to see his mother humiliation this 5-year-old boy said I will sing instead of my mother, the manager agreed because anyhow he has to run the show… Charles stood in front of a crowd and started singing so well that audience started cheering and throwing coins and notes to appreciate this boy…The boy stopped singing and started collecting money…he has not only sung the song but started doing mimicry of many artists, not just this he has done mimicry of his mother as well. The crowd liked this boy and started laughing, this incident showed the talent of this very little boy and he had to get her mother out of that awkward moment.

From that day itself he has decided, this is the art form he has to retain and would not want to leave that stage

Charlie Chaplin & Journey Begin

When he was ten years old and joined a traveling show, the ‘vaudeville circuit’s a mime actor. When we hear the name ‘Charlie Chaplin’ our brain flashes images of Tramp, in a dirty and wrinkled dinner dress, a hat, and a stick. This garment became his trademark.
At the age of 19, Charley first toured America in 1910 as Friend Carno’s silent comedian. The first night, as Chaplin was walking the streets of New York, he looked at the theater and the city lights and said to himself, ‘This is, this is where I should be.’
In 1913 he joined the Keystone Studio in New York.

Charlie Chaplin the Actor

Chaplin’s first film, making a Living, was released in 1914. The film was very successful and Chaplin became famous. It was the era of silent films. Chaplin believed that the films made in that era were full of meaningless action and unnecessary scenes. The Tramp appeared in 1915. The touching story and Chaplin’s comedy made the film a success. In the coming year 1918, he becomes a famous face around the world. After his American tour, he becomes famous and rich as well

Chaplin’s films were promoted in a unique way. A tramp was put up outside cinema halls whenever a film of his was screened, with the title ‘Today I am here.

Charlie Chaplin & connection with IBM Company

During the tough economic conditions of those days, if a cinema hall had a tramway cutaway outside it, it would mean that people would laugh off their worries and walk out of the theaters refreshed. Global company IBM launched its line of personal computers; they used tramps as their people.

Charlie Chaplin the Film Maker

He yearned to become an independent filmmaker. In 1919, Chaplin along with a few artists and technicians Started the film United Artists. Another special event happened, which set a trend. People started performing and copying Chaplin’s songs and dances. Chaplin dolls and comics began to hypnotize children. Chaplin-themed parties became increasingly frequent, with everything starting from the party dress revolving around the Chaplin magic.
At the beginning of his filmmaking, Chaplin made only silent movies. With the introduction of sound, dialogue, and music were used in movies. Chaplin once again got an opportunity to show his prodigious talent. Some of his silent movies were The Kid, Gold Rush, the Circus, and City Lights. In 1927 he made The Jazz Singer. This was his first talkie film.

Charlie Chaplin and Hitler

The Great Dictator and Limelight are prominent among Chaplin’s famous talkies. In this film he portrayed Hitler that too hither was alive in those days, it’s been said that Hitler knows that this film was like a spoof on him; still, he did not react and saw this movie twice just to see his last speech.

Charlie Chaplin & his thought on Nationalism

Chaplin disliked violence, brutality, and discrimination. He was not a very patriotic person. Used to say, ‘Nationalism is the biggest madness that the world has ever suffered.’ Many great figures, such as George Bernard Shaw and Sigmund Freud, were his admirers.

Charlie Chaplin & Criticism

Chaplin was widely criticized before and after World War II for his statements and message of peace and reconciliation, which he used to demonstrate in his movies. He was believed to be an anti-American communist and a supporter of the Soviet Union. Even after all these years, Chaplin had not applied for US citizenship. Government officials, social organizations, and journalists started boycotting his movies. Chaplin’s record is clean by the FBI. He is not involved in any seditious activity. However, in 1952, when Chaplin visited England to promote his film Limelight, his permit was revoked and he was banned from entering the United States. And Chaplin settled in Switzerland with his third child, Una.
Things finally changed in Chaplin’s favor. In 1963, he organized a festival of his movies in New York. In 1972, at the age of 83, he was honored with a special Oscar for his contribution to cinema Queen Elizabeth 1975

Charlie Chaplin Death

In 1977, when the world was celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ on 25 December on eve of Christmas, the comedy legend Charlie Chaplin left this world saying goodbye.

Charlie Chaplin & his stolen Dead body

Charlie’s story does not end here after his death, some anti-people steal his dead body from the graveyard and demand ransom from his family against it, although the dead body is recovered later on and again rested in concrete 6 feet deep to avoid stealing the body again


The Genius mind of Albert Einstein, Britain’s Princes Elizabeth 2nd was a fan of Charlie Chaplin; he was the greatest artist although, at the same time, he was the most simplistic human being. Even after his early life tragedy, he was continuously working on his skills, his acting, and his life teach us whatever obstacles in your life you will have to run towards your goal until you get success.

Golden Words by Charlie Chaplin

  • You’ll never find rainbows if you’re looking down
  • Imagination means nothing without doing
  • Simplicity is a difficult thing to achieve
  • Life is a beautiful, magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish
  • We think too much and feel too little
  • The saddest thing I can imagine is to get used to luxury
  • All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl.
  • We must laugh in the face of our helplessness against the forces of nature — or go insane
Personal Details
Born Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr.
Date of Born 16 April 1889
Place of Birth London, England
Died 25 December 1977 (aged 88)
Place of Death Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland
Burial place Cimetière de Corsier-sur-Vevey, Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland
Occupations Actor, comedian, director, composer, screenwriter, producer, editor
Career 1899–1975
Spouses Mildred Harris
  Lita Grey
  Paulette Goddard
  Oona O’Neill ?(m. 1943)?
Children 11, including Charles, Sydney, Geraldine, Michael, Josephine, Victoria, Eugene and Christopher
Parent(s) Charles Chaplin Sr.
Relatives Chaplin family

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