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Chat GPT: The Future of Digital Marketing

Have you heard this name before!! Yes you are, and you must be aware about how chat GPT artificial Intelligence works and how it gives answer to your queries. Its full form is Chat Generative Pre Trained Transformer .Chat GPT also arise lot of questions and doubt in users mind like is chat GPT destroy Search engines like Google? Is Chat GPT replacing many Jobs? Is Chat GPT 100% accurate? How Chat GPT works…is it only what you know from media or something is there which is not covered or kept hidden and not disclosed yet? And how Chat GPT suddenly evolves as we never heard this name before? We will tell you complete story of Chat GPT starting from its beginning till now… his present scenario and future of chat GPT. As a digital marketer you must be heard lot of news around the web world like you can earn million and billion dollar using chat GPT …we also touch many topic like this and will promise to give you genuine information about chat GPT which chat GPT itself unable to provide you…So let’s hold my hand tight and explore the untouched story of the most trending and popular Open AI Chat GPT.

Era before Chat GPT

AI is artificial intelligence and Chat GPT is Open AI which means Chat GPT is Open source to all and anybody can use it and get answers to his queries. However, till the time I am writing this article, Chat GPT is still in Beta Version what does that mean now it means it’s still in testing mode. before starting the story of AI what if I ask you how much you know about Artificial Intelligence… answer is we hardly know 1 or 2% of AI and has unlimited capacity however it takes years and years to replace our brain.

Researchers and Developers were trying to create artificial intelligence like humans for many years but it started accelerating in the year 2017..have you heard the name Chatbot, yes, Chat Bot used to auto-communicate with its user in form of messages. This is a very tiny example of AI.

How Google seed Chat GPT AI system

Everyone at least used one in his lifetime Google Search engine feature Google Translation, at the time of developing Google translation Google team was stuck with very unique translation problems like how to translate various local jargon into English, for example, a query like SAM had his breakfast and there are many ways in local languages like Spanish, Hindi or French has their own way of telling when the system tried to translating these jargons some time its translated like breakfast had eaten to the SAM. However, the team found this is a very big glitch in this feature as only humans can understand this and place the words in the correct order to get an accurate result in translation.

And whole Google research team started to work on this and came up with an Idea for all such Translations based on AI we cannot teach AI like classroom training but we can train AI to guess the word..and how this works it’s just like if a non-English speaking person wants to learn English he has to start with grammar first but for child or infant kid how he learns he watching people talking to him, watching movies, reading news paper, he does not want to learn grammar and just training his brain how to speak. so from this basic concept, Google Researcher found there is no need to teach the AI as it took years to teach them how to translate but we can train AI to guess the exact wording of a set of words presented to him. Google named this system Transformer… so Google was the first who set the foundation by giving unique systems to the world.

When did chat GPT release? Why Chat GPT restrict information till 2021?

This innovation has become the basis of many AI system developments as this shows that we can create an AI system that can guess words and generate relevant results every time. If you just write words such as SAM breakfast had, the computer auto-generates the sentence like SAM has his breakfast. Google does not keep this innovation secrete instead makes this freely available to All so that others get benefitted, as expected all other software companies started doing research around this technology. One company name OPEN AI also adopted this technology and rapidly started working on this technology. in the year 2018, they developed a system called GPT and started feeding this system by inserting all available Text Data which is available in Book Format, and created GPT version 1 or GPT1.

Very next year in 2019 they started inserting all social media like Facebook, what’s an app, and music data in this system and created 2nd version of it called GPT2 right after this in 2020 whatever information was available on the web with a common crawl along with Wikipedia all data started inserting into his system and this is how created open AI system GPT3. If you ask GPT about recent events GPT is not able to give you an answer but instead tells you his memory is restricted till 2021.. This answer why the system prompts you this line

Journey from GPT 1 to GPT 3.5

So let’s continue with the next stage of this story you must be heard that GPT1 has 175 billion parameters and GPT 2 has some trillions parameter and you can Imagine how many parameters GPT 3 is having these parameter work like neurons in your brain tries some trillions combination before coming on the conclusion, after feeding this kid called GPT3 Researcher came to know to process all this data system will take 288 years.. after studying this problem researcher again came up with a solution and installed 100*Nvidea GPU processor in 1000 superfast computer and run for processing, in 3 months they were successfully processed all data. After processing it’s time to get a result now and for Result GPT has deleted all the data inserted and kept only relevant data which is called parameters you can look at this as a summary of the whole thesis in short words or connection between the words…this combination now predict relevant result now.

Now the interesting part is nobody knows how Transformers system works to get a relatable result. We already mentioned in starting of this article we are using hardly about AI systems. You never get fresh answers via GPT, you will get results but these results are derived from old data at least a few months old data.

Will Chat GPT Take over the Current Jobs?

If one of the advanced processors took 3 months time to process imagine how much time it will take to process some trillions of data which is available with many services, so the good news is Jobs will not affect too much by this AI Technique.

There is still a lot of researchers and developers working on AI and in the future, you will see more advanced innovation that simplifies or in some cases save our lives as well

How GPT Chat works? (What is Chat GPT Exactly)

Chat GPT is built on GPT3.5 Module called Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, this technology predicts or guesses your future statements basis on pre statement. Like if you ask any questions to Chat GPT, Chat GPT start processing it and create 10 relevant or ideal answer for the same questions and pick a more realistic answer and give it to you… it does not matter whether the answer is right or wrong. This technique is called hallucinations where the AI module is trying to guess the correct answer basis on already inserted information. It’s better to do not to depend on chat GPT as there are possibilities that it gives information that could be inaccurate accordingly to you… many times we have seen controversial questions you will receive diplomatic answers like the Ukraine-Russia war, Tension between Iran and US, or the India-Pak conflict.

Is ChatGPT destroying Search engines like Google?

Ok back to the answer Face book and Google already had combat technology and algorithm way before the invention of Chat GPT, Facebook already has a system like BART where it uses De noise algorithm to catch fake data or duplicate data generated by AI for example if you want an essay on cat and at the same time, someone else wants an essay on dog Chat GPT show same data to both with the change of animal name and facebook make this open source to all that anybody can use it. this same technology has been used by Google as well to identify this kind of data, if you are making an article basis on chat GPT, you are sitting on an atom bomb anytime Google de-index your content, and if Google identifies that your whole website created like this Google will not spare you and downgrade your Google ranking. Million-dollar Question is this technology destroying Google, answer is No.

How to use chat GPT for marketing? Uses of Chat GPT in marketing ?

In the segment or marketing or digital marketing this technology can be very useful to marketers businesses, freelancers, students, and professionals by generating content for social media posts, ideal drafts or content for email marketing, helping you in advertising scripting… Etc…

⦁ Generating Content for chatbots and providing ideas to improve the chatbot experience by prompting relatable answers.

⦁ Creating Email content – it gives you different email ideas or many times generate email drafts which could suit and be ideal for specific regions or continents and increase your chances of generating traffic and creating trustworthy content.

⦁ It Generates Social media posts like facebook and Twitter which help you to promote content

⦁ For E-commerce sites or affiliate marketers or it generates great product descriptions which you can use with some modifications, and give you features, and benefits example you can use to market your product.

⦁ Digital Marketer creates a landing page with the help of Chat GPT

⦁ Chat GPT generates video scripts for your product promotion and also gives you great ideas on how to let your audience engaged in videos.

⦁ You can create advertisement campaigns by using this

⦁ It generates FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions) for your website or regarding your product experience

You can create content as well by using this but we will not support creating content by using this instead use your own research and create original content as in the future this will harm you big time once the search engine changes its algorithm to catch AI-Generated content as we discussed every search engine has the technology to combat with content created with the help of AI

Future of Chat GPT

In the future, Chat GPT can work as an additional handholding to get relatable (remember we used the word relatable and not accurate) results to make students’ projects for professionals generate results which close to the real solution but can’t be 100 % accurate. this is just a stage of a baby who just crawling and unable to stand on its own and will take years and years to think like a human but this technique helps us to predict future calamities or in the car can give signs of an upcoming accident, also improve the quality experience in services sector like banking, e-commerce site and many more.


Now the conclusion is Chat GPT is like a small kid who knows what a cat looks like by training his mind by remembering techniques and by seeing a lot of cat pictures but never experienced how it feels inside you when you touch and be with an actual live cat. So use this technology wisely, and don’t be dependent on Chat GPT, this will help you to improve the Quality of data and information but does not give a human touch to your information. Can give you information which close to reality but there will be always a question of whether this is useful to you, we are not saying it’s impossible to replace humans with AI but this will take years and till today we are safe. It will not replace Google in fact Google is the father of this invention and there is technology exist which track result generated by this technique, Digital marketer can use this to increase their traffic and sales by giving different queries to get ideal answers.. and future is very bright for AI Like Chat GPT.

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