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Comprehensive Guide to Keyword Research for SEO

If you are working on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or if you have a blog or website, if you work on any digital media platform as a digital marketer then you must be aware of keyword research. If not and you are new to this web marketing world let me tell you Keyword is the medium by which you can rank your content whether it’s your website, blog post, or any kind of content on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…, everybody likes to be online and want to drive user attention towards them, this research will help you to get maximum user attention and so that you can show your potential to the world. In this upcoming article we will tell from the introduction of keywords and cover all aspects around this like why it is required, how we can research to get the right kind of keywords, and How to use it along the mechanism of search engines and the future of keyword research for SEO.

What is keyword?

If I answer this in Lehman language keyword is the word or sentence which is mostly used by search surfers to find the right kind of information, example if I want to find a school in my location to get admission, I will search for a school near me and my friend search with school in my area… so there is another user like me also searching for the school and out of 100 users 60 user type work school near me, then school near me become my main keyword… this is nothing but most searchable word or sentence … this is called Keyword in Digital marketing world.

What is Keyword Research for SEO?

If I continue with the above example we understood school near me is the main keyword imagine you have your own blog, post, website, or Video which provides a solution related to Query related to schools or student-related content you create and you want to drive user attention to your content so that you get an audience which consumes your content and you get traffic (audience) to showcase your content. Search engines like Google all user activity on their platform… working on various keyword research platforms to identify and get the right kind of words or sentences that user type while searching specific information is called keyword research for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Why Keyword Research for SEO is important?

Any Content creator whether a YouTube Content Creator, Website content creator or blog post creator, want to get the maximum audience to show his content, so if a content creator inserts a keyword with the highest search volume on search engine increase chances of ranking the specific website or content on search in engine platform although search engine has many pages the fact is user check on 1st or maximum check second or 3rd page to get an answer for their query… user this behavior create completion amongst all content creator to rank his content at the highest position so that user noticed his content and eventually read his content. This is called traffic generation.

There are many ways to earn via your content such as earning via Google ad sense, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, product or services promotions, selling merchandise, brand advertisements, reviews, etc… All these forms need one thing that is traffic or viewers so that they can look at your content, try your products and accordingly you may earn income out of your content. So the equation is very simple more traffic or audience involvement attracts more brand promotion and more brand promotion creates more wealth. And to get more traffic you need keywords that are been primarily used to search specific content and due to this reason, Keyword research is so important in SEO.

Types of Keyword

Long Tail Keyword– Long tail keywords are keywords that contain one complete sentence where if someone searching for specific information will land on your website.

Mid tail Keyword – Mid-tail keywords contain max 3 words which also have high traffic but comparatively less traffic than short-tail keywords and can be useful to attract more traffic.

Short tail Keyword– short tails keywords contain one or two words but have very high traffic times in millions and also have high completion.

Mix Keywords – Example for long tail, short tail, and mid-tail keywords – Best business school in California, here word business school is the short tail keyword, best business school is a mid-tail keyword and best business school in California is the long tail keyword.

Market segment Keywords – These are the generic words targeted to specific Industries or specific niches for example keyword is Buy Women Perfume.

Customer Define Keywords – These keywords are used mostly to define the customer, there are many criteria you can define the target customer like Kids apparel or baby diaper here we have already predefined our target customer.

Product defines Keywords – These keywords define and represent your services or products let me explain for example products like party wear jackets or accidental insurance policies.

Product Keywords – These are product-specific keywords like bath soap or toilet soap.

Competitor Keywords – Competitor Keywords are those keywords used by your competitor in similar industries… there are many tools available in the market by using it you can see keywords used by your competitor to rank on search engines.

Intent targeting Keywords – Intent targeting keywords are those keywords that users typed with certain intent by using words like Buy, Deal, Offer, etc… this is a very vast topic we suggest you read our separate article on Intent search to get complete knowledge about it.

Seed Keywords – These also can be considered short-term keywords but how these are different keywords is separate type as these is your main key keywords from which you can use and create many relatable keywords for example if I used the word school is my seed keyword and from which I can create many keywords like best school, a school near me, international school, business school, etc…

Focus Keywords – Those keywords directly related to your business are called focus keywords, for example, the best school in California this keyword called the focus keyword which focuses directly on your business.

Transactional Keywords – Customer which have the intent to buy the product used this kind of content… we have covered this in our search intent article you can read the same as well, user types best discount offer on clothing to buy now or Today’s offer to buy electronics this shows he wants to buy now.

Related Vertical Keywords – These are the keywords that show direct messages such as Car for sale, House on Sale, User car for Sale, or Furniture on Sale this keyword have been used mostly by Refurbished products sites or site which deal in used products or modified products.

Informational Keywords– we have seen before the customer was at the last stage of buying any product, this keyword is the first stage of buying a product and wants to consume information about the product before buying Examples are best-trending videos on YouTube or best places to visit in Hawaii, these keywords providing information related to product and give an overlook of the product.

Location Keywords – Here this type targeted specific places such as Best Villa in New York, which shows specific locations.

Navigational Keywords – here users search for specific brands, there are many popular brands in the world like Apple, Samsung, or Sony, and marketers used these brand names to rank their websites so that people also can look at their website along with the original brand website.. If you type apple on the search engine you likely to see another website also along with apple website. This is because of using Navigational Keywords.

LSI Keywords– It’s also called similar keywords, in content writing mostly used these kinds of keywords.

Keyword Research can be classified in two segments:

1) Online Keyword research
2) Offline Keyword Research
Online Keyword Research and Tools used for Online Keyword Research
Free Tools for online keyword Research – There are many free tools we can use such as Google Keyword planner, Google Trends, Semrush with free features.
Paid tools for online keyword Research – Paid tools like Semrush with paid version can use for keyword research
Criteria for Online keyword research – Volume of Queries, Historical and upcoming trends (can use Google trend to identify trending keywords) Related searches and phrases ( use keyword planner ), Density of keywords like if you use the same keyword again and again in the same content just with the intention to rank your site it can be considered as spammy content.
Offline Keyword Research – this name says everything, you need to discuss it with your team, friends or if you are an individual content writer create or join a community of likeminded people and start discussing with people with similar interests, brainstorming on your own, and also asking for the feedback in form of survey or customer support from your customer or client about your product and services so that it helps you to serve best to the customer.

How to find Keyword Research tool in detail

There are many ways to find keywords by using free as well as paid tools such as
⦁ Google Keyword Planner – where you could find the most searched keyword with traffic volume, trend, locations, etc…
⦁ Google Trends – these tools are must recommended tool as by using this tool you can get your desired tool along with studying every trend like a past trend, location wise, region wise, age group wise and etc.. it depends on how you experiment with this tool to get the best outcome.
⦁ Google Autosuggest
⦁ LSI Keywords
⦁ Paid Tools for Keyword Research Names – Semrush, Ubersuggest
⦁ QnA site,,
⦁ You tube tools like free YT research option, paid vidiq, tubebuddy
⦁ Competitor research direct and indirect tools
⦁ Offline sources
If you want to become a Pro in Digital Marketing or wanted to be an Expert in SEO, we would say this is more of a practice rather than a theoretical… more you practice more you sharpen your skill, we suggest always taking help from Google tools first reason is most of the tools are free and the second reason is all other tools anyways derived or depend on data generated from Google so it’s always better to use direct goggles own tools. Every research need practice likewise keyword research also need more practice also try typing different keywords on Google so that keywords and description will appear, and you can study your competitor and how they rank their website.

Advance Technique of Keyword Research in 2023 using Chat GPT with 5 Magical Commands

You can use advance latest AI Technique like Chat GPT to advance keyword Research with 5 Magical Commands
⦁ Go to site like and login go Chat GPT section
⦁ Ask Chat GPT “give me Top 10 keywords for your specific niche”
⦁ Chat GPT will give you list of Top 10 Keywords (Chat GPT since in beta version now will show result on the basis on old data)
⦁ Give second command to chat GPT “categorize these keywords by search intent and display in table” you will have to write word by word
⦁ See the magic now chat GPT display the use of each keyword with search intent
⦁ Now Give third command “categorize these keywords by buyer intent and display in table” you will have to write word by word
⦁ Chat GPT will show you the more deep categories with their explanation so you will get confused with any definition
⦁ Now Give fourth command “categorize the initial keyword list in the table with first column containing keywords and second column the search intent of the keyword with the option of transactional, informational, navigational and commercial and provide a brief outline for each keyword in third column” you will have to write word by word
⦁ Chat GPT will work line Genie here and give you keywords with categories and with readymade outline if you want any other outline ask for generate more result… it will again give you more results
⦁ Now Give fifth command “provide a brief outline for each keyword in third column” you will have to write word by word
⦁ Chat GPT will give you sub heading as well which you can use in your content


We have covered almost all aspects of keyword Research where we start to make you understand what is a keyword in all relevant examples, eventually covering the rest questions around the same like How and Why Keyword research is important?, thereafter given brief background about keyword types, categories along with free and paid tools of keyword research and last but not the least Advance Technique of Keyword Research in 2023 using Chap GPT with 5 Magical Command. We insist you to please check our other related articles on digital marketing and do not forget to share this article to keep in mind sharing is caring. Do not forget to give your feedback to motivate us.

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