Cristiano Ronaldo – Journey from poverty to Fame

Cristiano Ronaldo is the second richest footballer in the world. He is also second in the world in terms of scoring the most goals. Ronaldo has the most followers in the world on Instagram. It can be anyone’s dream to achieve such success. But if someone tells you that Ronaldo was the unwanted child of his parents, he spent his childhood in a one-room house with four siblings and his father was an alcoholic; today we are talking about his journey from poverty to Fame.


Renaldo was the fourth child of poor parents Dolores and Jose Dinis had three children – Hugo, Katia and Elma. Ronaldo was pregnant as their fourth child. Mother Dolores did not want to give birth to Ronaldo. In her autobiography ‘Mother Courage’, Dolores writes that she talked to the doctor for an abortion, but he refused. Dolores now thanks God that this did not happen. Ronaldo also now jokingly says, ‘Look mother! You wanted me to have an abortion and today I am the one who is bringing money to the house.’


His Mother used to cook food in others’ homes Ronaldo’s father was a gardener, mother used to cook food in other’s homes. Ronaldo’s family, the youngest of four siblings, lived in a tin roof house. Ronaldo says, ‘I grew up in poverty. We were very poor. I had neither toys nor Christmas gifts. But I never cared about it.’ Ronaldo may be super rich now, but he wants to instill in his children the same values that their mother has instilled in them.


Used to cry at school a lot, his friends call him crybaby When Ronaldo was enrolled in school, he used to cry in memory of home. Those who studied together started calling him Crybaby. Ronaldo used to run very fast so he started playing football. Ronaldo’s mind was more interested in playing football than in studies. He started playing football for the local team at the age of just eight. Due to his excellent performance, he got selected in the World Under-17 team.

Early career

Mother used to handle earnings for 18 years In an interview in 2007, Ronaldo’s mother admitted that they had a joint account until the age of 18. In this, Ronaldo’s money used to come; this was taken care of by his mother. English football club Manchester United signed him for US$17 million in 2003, when he was just 18 years old. After this, Ronaldo did not look back. For many years he was synonymous with the team of Spanish football club Real Madrid. He currently plays for the French football club PSG. According to Forbes, Ronaldo has earned $ 117 millionin 2020. His net worth is about $ 460 million According to a study by Instagram marketing company Hopper HQ, Ronaldo earns 1 million euros by posting a photo on Instagram. Apart from this, he has a line of luxury cars which includes supercars like Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Chiron, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes AMG and Porsche Carrera. And it is not that there are no more talented players than Ronaldo, but no one can do as much hard work as this guy and due to his hard work, success kisses his feet. Friends, it is more difficult to be number one than it is to remain number one. Ronaldo does everything he can every day to keep him number one. A friend of Ronaldo tells about him and says that Ronaldo first comes to the field for the training session and goes home last after a hard day’s practice, further he mentioned that, after a day’s practice, he went to his house with Ronaldo. After having dinner with him, he felt that Ronaldo would rest… but after taking football, this guy went back to practice. After asking Ronaldo’s wife, he told that Never Get Satisfied With Practice, he always wants to do more and he does.

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