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Elon Musk -How bankrupt Genius minds become Billionaire

Who is Elon Musk? Where is Elon Musk Born? How much is Elon musk Net worth? What is education of Elon Musk? we generally seek such type of question in our mind whenever we get news about Elon , Today, lets read below interesting story below to get complete experience of Elon Musk Roller coaster like life Journey..

Who is Elon Musk?

ELON MUSK has made his place in the second richest person in the world, he is the first richest person of the whole world for a few days. But some have fallen behind billions of Dollars. He is the founder and CEO of big companies like Paypal, Tesla, and SpaceX, and his net worth is $171 Billion Dollars, let’s subscribe to the blog before reading about them in detail. Elon Musk made Rocket only with bookish knowledge, so you can guess from this how intelligent he is, Elon Musk has become such an inspiration to the whole world that he wants to be like him that there is a lot of work in the world like Elon Musk, but you can change your life by taking inspiration from his life and understanding the value of everything.

Childhood and Struggle

Elon Musk was born on 28 June 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa, his father’s name was Errol Musk and he was an engineer by profession, and his mother’s name was Maye Musk, he also has two younger siblings.

He had no interest in extravagant works, he did not like to talk to anyone in his childhood, due to this people started considering him as dumb and his parents also got him checked up, but while eating food for 1 day, this Suddenly speaking, their parents came to know that they can speak, but they were surprised to see them suddenly speaking clearly,

After that, he used to watch anything closely from childhood and get knowledge about it, he had read so many books at the age of 9 to 10 years that even a graduate could not read,

Rise of an entrepreneur

When his parents were Divorce, he started living with his father and by the time he was 12 years old, after learning Programming Language, he also made a game named Blaster which he also sold for $ 500 Dollars, He used to be very intelligent since childhood, so the children of his school used to harass him a lot, because he was different from other children, his mind made him different, he went to Canada after completing his studies from Pretoria Boys High School, After this, after studying for 2 years from Queen University, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in PHYSICS from the University of Pennsylvania and an Economics degree in Business from Wharton University.

Then in 1995, he raised money by doing a small job and wanted to do Ph.D in Physics in USA, but took a dropout from him due to some problems,

Elon Musk started a software company named Zip-2 together with his brother, which he started with the money he got from his father, after running that company for some time, he transferred that company to a company like Compaq for $307. was sold for million dollars, due to which he had accumulated the amount to set up many more companies,

Then in 1999 he started in which he had invested $10 Million Dollars, and this company used to work in the area like Money Transfer, then in 2001 he added this company to another Money Transfer company which today people Know more by the name of Paypal, Although the company with which he associated at that time had a different name but the name was changed to Paypal,

Its CEO was Elon Musk and then Paypal was linked with ebay only after 1 year, which gave the company $ 1.5 Billion Dollars and from this Elon Musk benefited from $165 Million Dollars, he invested this money in many companies and he Started living in Los-angel and the thing was that he started living on rent, due to which many people started thinking of him as crazy, hey how can anyone live on rent after getting so much money but he used to live on rent,

Launch of Tesla Motor

When he invested in Tesla Motors in 2004 after receiving money from companies, although it was started in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning,But in 2004, $ 70 Million Dollars was invested in Tesla Motors with the investment, and this company works in the field of Electric Car and the secret of the success of this company is Elon Musk himself.

Journey of a struggle continues until get success

He also started a company named Spacex which will settle people on Mars and he started such a big company only through books, but he needed Rocket to run this company, he thought of buying Rocket but his The price was very high, so he thought of building Rocket only with bookish knowledge and sending it to space, and started sending Rocket from 2006,

His first 3 attempts were completely unsuccessful, which cost him a lot but never gave up on his insistence, and he was left with only enough money to send another rocket to space, if that attempt also failed. If he had gone, he would not even sell money for food,

After losing these 3 times, his fourth attempt was successful, due to which the Spacex company came in front of the people and not only this, NASA also made an agreement with them by giving $ 1.6 Billion Dollars, which made Spacex one of the successful companies and Solar City which is America’s second. The biggest company is that too the company created by Elon Musk,

They have created a Hyperloop-like vacuum magnetic energy, which is going to make a train moving faster than 1000 km.
And in 2015, he started an Artificial Intelligence company, Elon Musk’s life was full of ups and downs, but he has made him successful with his hard work and his intelligence,

Personal Life

She was married in the year 2000, she was a Canadian author, her first child died and after that she had twins in 2004, after a few years in 2006, 3 children were born twins and then in 2008 they became Devorce. And then they got married again in 2010 and then by the time of 2016, they also got married.

His journey was not so easy, he built many companies on the strength of his hard work, and he has also told the Spacex company to settle people on Mars by 2030 and people also believe that one day this By doing this, Elon Musk will also come out as an inspiration for the people by using his mind, now it is your turn that how long you go ahead for success, then Good Luck Your Life Struggle.


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