Goals – Which connect to your value, how Read This?

If you look at any fitness magazine around you will get headlines on the cover like burn fat in 10 minutes, for goals Shortcut for success is the weakness of common people, and this lies big corporate are selling for years please follow this shortcut and you can achieve your goal without any effort, you do not have to change your life, and no need to take any effort this line you could see on the front of many magazines The fact is there is no shortcut to achieving any goal. In childhood, our elders used to say you enjoyed a lot now focus on studies that mean the study cannot be joyful or someone said enough is playing now concentrate on work, by doing work your body and mind may need rest but work is boring or there is no joy in working how do you prove this From childhood, we have programmed our minds like this only, and this is happening from generation to generation, and no one questions What we called limited subconscious programming Most common people like us have this programming only in our subconscious mind like doing work is hard and you cannot do the work of performing your job joyfully First thing you need to change is how? Like we reject rumors, whenever we feel that working is boring just reject this emotion And remember real joy lies with keeping your mind calm, wherever your mind gets this emotion you will feel happiness Still, we have one question that is there any easiest way where in we can achieve our goals easily

Best goals don’t take effort – the goals which you desperately want to achieve there you put your effort but you could not feel

If you feel hesitation while thinking about your goals, like how this happened, like you want to do it this is about your future but still you feel not o do it, it’s called resistance toward goals This resistance comes from our subconscious level from our confusion, fear, and low energy, you feel trouble but you cannot able to express why? The most important thing is you will have to catch this resistance while setting your goal the reason for resistance is you have not connected goals with yourself and this is the reason why whatever work you have becomes you heavier what do you mean by connecting with us

Now see this story

In childhood one boy lost his father due to an extreme disease, he has seen his father go to every doctor and clinic for his disease Whatever we don’t have that become extremely important to us, this boy seek family, security, and stability at that time and deep routed to his subconscious mind This is a great definition of values Values are the most important concept of your subconscious mind, if values are not in your life you will not happy, this boy thinks if I will be a doctor then from my family nobody die from illness And also family does not worried about treatment, from being doctor this boy wants to fulfill two values family and security, now he does all the hard work effortlessly to become a doctor after becoming a doctor now this boy feels emptiness at a subconscious level, he thinks that now his family is secured, have money as well now what is the purpose of my work Now he has to connect his values with the new goal he recollects that when his dad expired some teachers has helped him, so offering service is the new value he discovered when he helping others he feels joy, so he has a new goal to become expert in his filed so that he can help more and more people He has not discovered this in one day, initially when his dad expired he wanted to be a doctor he has an education and he was good in study gradually he understood that he has to connect values with goals Otherwise, he will be surrounded by frustration, confusion, and distraction Let me tell you the fact – nobody wants to do the job, nobody wants to attend the exam, and nobody wants to earn money, Everyone wants to accomplish their values by achieving their goals Now you will say I am full day watching web series at home what is the value behind this, yes there is value in it, you want to achieve a blend of calmness, joy, and knowledge when you are watching a series full day the fact is you are searching for these values only, your values are correct but your strategy is different Now the question is how you identify your values I have an exercise for you to identify your value Just take pen and paper and start writing the words which randomly come to your mind Don’t think just write against the below words

  • Ambitions
  • Balance
  • Peace
  • Challenge
  • Friends
  • Security
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Family
  • Freedom
  • Knowledge
  • Spirituality
  • Fun
  • Playfulness
  • Success
  • Recognition

And group them similar like values, and select one main word from each group that represents the whole group The word which gets filtered and comes to you is your main subconscious value Now connect these values to your goals Like knowledge is your core value then you don’t want to do only business you want to learn the art of business or art of success Remember you will have to connect your value with your goal Write it and stick it to your board and remind yourself again and again so that your subconscious mind creates new ways to achieve your defined goals And start working now and let me know how much this work for you

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