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After reading this blog, I will bet you that you will never feel fear anymore because I have bought something strong concept to you, I would rather say we know we have lived our entire life not with joy but with fear In child-life, we have fear of exams at school, and as we grow up we have fear of career after career. An ordinary man like you and me has a fear of survival. I will give you a solution today to overcome this fear with one of the most interesting story One boy already completed engineering exam and had a dream that he wanted make career in business and most of us see this kind of a dream at collage life but after all it was dream only, he realized that to start business he required some aspect like mind and money but he did not have anything like this then too he was still stick with his aspirations, after exam he has seen one ad in newspaper and thought that why not apply for the job interview thinking like when he will be successful one day and would like to take interview he will learn something through it like how to conduct interview but this boy was an average student and when he reached at venue he saw there was 200 to 250 candidates but vacancy was there for 3 seats only and he saw some people that having more than 3 years of experience and some of them are scholars as well, and the boy which i am talking about he did not have anything out of it he was pretty relax he did not had any fear because he did not have aspirations to get the job he just wanted to get the experience and he was cool and calm. the resume required for the interview he just prepared last night and the formal dress he was wearing he bought on interview morning only and as soon as he went through the interview he faced questions after questions from the panel and whatever he knows he answered it confidently after the interview he went home. Now you are thinking if this boy was selected or not. Let me answer it further after 3 days he got a call that 3 people got selected and out of this he was the one selected by the panel This is a real story and I will tell you this belongs to whom and you must be thinking there were many talented people but why was this boy selected? the reason was confidence but wonder is that boy did not have any confidence in normal life by those days but what happened on that day the reason is he was not having tension on that day and was relaxed and did not have any fear whether he will get selected or not he went just to get an experience of the interview but even he was not afraid like what if he failed in the interview and due to this only he got so much if confidence and positivity which gave him boost to face the interview confidently And let me tell you this is my story. In my life, I have given only one interview and I learned one thing: whatever you are doing do not think about the future because this makes your confidence down 70 to 80 percent. so don’t think about the future and 90 percent of people fail due to so much over thinking about the future result. So I suggest you do not bother about the future and try to study and understand your mind like how your mind works and how you fool or else it’s better to say control your mind to learn this read book the power of your subconscious mind and already listen to 27 lacks people and I can guarantee that this book will be the turning point of your life. Till how long you will retain this fear in your mind, don’t think about the future, you need to think about the present and don’t think about the result but think about how you can give your best shot today at least for me try this and you will see you will life started changing and makes you successful person every day. Disclaimer: This Article contains content not authorized to use and prohibited under Section 107 of the Copyright Act.


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