How to Learn Faster – Here is Secret Technique

Researchers gave some people list of 50 words, The researcher instruct 1st group that tick on words that have diagonal lines word as W & N instructed to 2nd group that they will have to think about the meaning of this word if they like then only they tick after this exercise researcher told both groups how many words they can write out of the given list 2nd group won and on average has written 3 times more words than 1st group The principle is very simple but we often missed what you understand more is you can recollect more Better Understanding = better memory this is the main basis of the Feynman Technique, this technique force mind to understand the core of the topic so that you can make understand the 5th-grade student as well If we relate new information with old information which is already stored in our mind then our mind process it very easily because the human mind like pattern matching the mind always compare old information with new information more you relate with real-world example the concept getting recorded in your mind that much deep

Who is Richard Feynman?

Richard Feynman was very famous in his college and they do not help his fellow students till the time they understood the concept easily, they are genius scientist but also a personality who can make difficult and complex topics very easily they used to ask old questions in modern way, they believe if you ask questions differently you will get new answers, he can easily teach complex subjects like quantum physics in very easy language, he was smart but he was not a genius by birth when he was in high school teacher came to him and said I know why you are troubling other students because you think studying is very easy and gave him an advanced calculus book and instruct him to from tomorrow onwards read this book in one corner and open his mouth only when you completely understand this book, Feynman took this as a challenge and he taught himself a calculus due to this his problem-solving approach was different Feynman techniques tell you that if you are failed to teach your topic to the 5th-grade student then you failed to get mastery your concept Children have very less attention time spans that’s why you will have to make them understand in 2 – 3 sentences only secondly, children are not able to understand jargon or complex word due to which you will have to tell them in very simple language, when you are not able to do that, means you have to grab the knowledge gap, now think about the gap you found, need to study that and try to keep the wording simple, a concept in simple language is the Feynman technique only Master always simplifies the complexity, and slowly cover it with one-by-one simplicity layer, the one who cannot do so is not a master of his field Along with learning complex questions, you can use this technique to learn new things, like when we read and we get any complex word in between we skip and go ahead due to which we are not able to learn new things Imagine you are reading the news and suddenly a new word comes up like Laiseez faire , we search on a search engine this is the govt policy where in govt does not interrupt private business in the US, but after six months when again if we see this word we normally forget this word because this word we have searched is was register in our external mind only if you want to register this word in mind firstly listen to how this word is pronounced and try to pronounce it on your own now search story about this word in France when one king ask his traders how can he help them that time trader told the king Laiseez faire that means Let us alone, it’s that simple now you can teach the meaning of this word to anyone and this word deeply rooted to your memory Yes, this technique takes time that’s why you can use this technique to understand the complex technique only As students- we always do mistakes in exams, but after the exam when we review our answer sheet we come to know what mistakes we have done you can use this technique to rectify your silly mistakes, and make yourself understand the concept like you are a 5th-grade student and you will see the result after putting your efforts.

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