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How to Structure an Effective Presentation- Know 21 Public Speaking Technique of Modern Era

Public speaking is a critical skill but 75% of people have a fear of public speaking

There is a famous saying (“A wise man speaks because he has something to say but a Fool speaks because he has to say something”). We have seen people lands in uncomfortable zone like anxiety and low confidence while speaking in public, there is always kind of unknown ghost of fear which ride on our back and try to push back from performing our best, what ? have you just said I don’t have fear of public speaking, Remember your first day on school or college stage or your first presentation at your office, every person faced or will face such situation at least once in his life time, by identifying such gaps We have come up with a public speaking complete skill-based program specially designed for you, we are proud to tell you after researching many books on public speaking for 4 months and consulting with many Psychologist we bring this program for you in simple yet effective language, so Let’s explore the unexplored zone . It includes How to talk to your mind before and while in public speaking? How to prepare yourself before stand for public speaking? What are the tricks to be entertainer rather than sound monotones? How to increase people engagement and get popular amongst Crowd? Your Search ends here after reading this, we bet you won’t require any handholding or support in public speaking, this program itself is a complete guide.

Guys, Remember there are 3 types of Speeches
1st – The one which you are prepared for
2nd – The one which you have delivered
3rd – The one which you wish to deliver

21 Public Speaking Technique of Modern Era are as follows

1. Know your audience

A few of below critical points need to check before going for public speaking

  • Participants
  • Language
  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Expectations
  • Participants
  • Complains

Don’t Give only information but provide the Outcome

2. Create Content with Agenda

Don’t be just generic while speaking you need to create Agenda for the presentation first
Below A, B, C, D, and E need to follow in advance

A – Analyze
B – Brainstorm
C – Create
D -Deliver
E – Evaluate

If you don’t know what you want to achieve through your presentation
Your audience will never achieve

3. PPT Rule – Structure the Sequence

5/5 Rule
5 lines per slide
5 Words per line

Think in pointers and Speak in Pointers

Always speak in a structured way – No matter how important your speech is it will never be effective if you don’t have a clear structure, Coherent Theme (Central Message)- If you can’t communicate well you are giving up your potential. Unusual useful information-When you add facts and figures it helps in convincing the logical side of the brain

Share data like a story and win people’s trust

4. Content has to be sharable

Knowledge always has to share, by creating content which is sharable increase your status

5. Inspirational information without Repetition

Content cannot be repeated again and again it will kill your reputation

A – Talk less facilitate more
B – Move on to the main topic swiftly
C – More content in less time with pacing and pausing

6. Trending Content

Content has to be on trending topic so that audience to be connect with you

7. I hate extempore (90 minutes give yourself for preparation)

Be prepared and properly rehearsed, best way to conquer the stage fear is to know what you are talking about

8. Conviction is Confidence

You will have to be fully convinced and confident about your content
Public Speaking is not Talent, Public Speaking is Skill and Skill are what you can acquire
Remember for people in sales – If people have no need, urgency, desire, or trust, they will still take your products, you know why ?you have conviction –so practice over and over again
A public speaker is made they are not born

9. Enthusiasm

The audience does not care if you are unwell; they want to see your enthusiasm

10. Finally 5 Key points

  • Speak expressively
  • Smile Sincerely
  • Move Naturally
  • Play and Enjoy
  • Speak your mind even if your voice is shaking

11. Speak from You’re Heart

If you feel the content your Tongue will deliver the message of your heart. Always give a speech that you would like to hear, People don’t care how much you know but they know how much you care, People will not forget you much as they feel
Great speakers are not born they are trained

12. Communicate like a community

Partner with the community, understand the city understand the audience, and use local phrases people feel connected
Powerful opening and closing

Opening Do s —–

  • Surprise the people
  • Ask interesting questions
  • Give golden statement
  • Data facts or statistics
  • Storytelling
  • Don’t give your long introduction

Closing do s ——

  • Strong summary
  • Call to action
  • Closing quotation

13. Sandwich Approach step by step

Approach 1 Approach 2 Approach 3
Start the speech    
High energy-motivated speech
  Mid of the speech
Complicated content
  End of the speech
High energy-motivated speech

14. Speak visually – visualize yourself what you are speaking

  1. Points and impact
  2. Stories real life connect
  3. Metaphor – imagination
  4. Inspire – extreme emotions
  5. Surprise
  6. Hope excitement
  7. Energy
  8. Love hope
  9. Empathy

15. Expect the unexpected – people love surprises and unexpected ending

Like a movie if you know the ending you will not get interested in watching it that’s why people like suspense and thriller movies those that have unexpected endings

16. Use the humor, but use the Humor not humiliate

Avoid making fun of religion, caste, color, gender, vulgarity

17. Verbal Visual Vocal

Verbal – content
Visual – body language
Vocal – Tone of voice

18. Three Minute rule of Nudging

Ask questions; do not speak at once more than 3 minute
The answer would be yes or No

19. Give Golden Statement

E.g. mediocre speaker tells, Good speaker explains and Superior speaker demonstrates

20. Adult learning principles

You will have to establish Need Encourage the audience for group activities, group discussion, brainstorming, and exercise, each one teaching one method, role play
An adult will expect respect

21. Question-answer session

Anticipate the Expected Questions, if you get an unexpected answer say, I would like someone else from the audience can answer it or can say it’s a valid question answer will be covered in my next session, or say it’s not related to the topic.


  1. Frankly speaking people are spending years and decades along with their hard earn money to improve their technical skill, academic skill but do not spend a little time to learn real practical skill like public speaking skill, which also have hardly one or two chapter in our academic books and do not have practical, real knowledge and experience how to develop this, we want to read this program at least 2 or 3 times also start taking baby step to apply this program, each step has specific reason, we want you to follow this rigorously, we 100% sure that this overcome public speaking anxiety.
  2. After start working on it you do not need any kind of Breathing techniques for public speaking, calming techniques for public speaking, delivery techniques in public speaking or public speaking relaxation techniques as all breathing, calming, relaxing techniques required to make you confident but after applying these step it will come automatically
  3. All these are proven techniques so no need to check authenticity in real life situation, we have designed this for students, professionals, entrepreneur in short we have covered all ages, every time before presentation just one reading boost your confidence so that you can ready for challenges occurred during presentation, subscribe us do not forget to write your experiences how you have used this

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