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J. K. Rowling – Inspirational story of Harry Potter series Author

J. K. Rowling was born on 31 July 1965 in Yate Gloucestershire, England, to her father an aircraft engineer, and mother a science technician. J. K. Rowling had a two-and-a-half-year-old sister, to whom she often wrote stories of the elusive world as a child.

When she was a teenager, a relative gave her Jessica Mitford’s autobiography “Hones and Rebels” to read! J K Rowling liked her so much that Mitford became her heroine and Rowling read all her books.

J. Of. According to Rowling, her teenage days were not very good, her mother was ill and her parents quarreled frequently. Her achievement in school was not special, only she was a good student. He passed the exam with an A level in English, German and French languages.

After this, he took an entrance exam to get into the famous Oxford University, but he could not get admission, so he did a BA in French and Classics from the University of Exeter.

After graduation, JK Rowling did small jobs at Amnesty International and the Chamber of Commerce. One day when she was on her way to London from Manchester, her train got delayed by four hours, during this journey she came up with the idea to write the story of a boy who is going to a magical school!!!

In 1982, Rowling took the entrance exam at Oxford University, but she could not be selected there and therefore she was forced to complete her studies from the University of Exeter. After completing his graduation from this university, he worked as a secretary in Amnesty International Company and then he worked in the Chamber of Commerce in Manchester. When she was traveling by train from Manchester to London, she came across the story of a young boy attending a school of magic. He fabricated it completely in his mind and when he reached his campus in London, he started writing immediately. And a few days after his mother died, Rowling’s mother was closest to him. It also had an impact on his writings. She started living sad but later took the help of writing to forget her sorrow and started spending her time in writing. After a few days due to the job, she went to Portugal where she got the job of teaching English. That night I would work and during the day I would do writing work.

In Portugal, he met journalist Jorge Arantes (J K Rowling husband), the views of both were very similar to each other and that is why both of them got married on 16 October 1992. They had a daughter; she named her Jessica (J K Rowling daughter). But Rowling later got divorced on 17 November 1993. After that Rowling went to live with her daughter in Scotland with her sister. By then Rowling had written 3 chapters of Harry Potter.

Idea of ‘Harry Potter’

Once during a trip from Manchester to London, the story of ‘Harry Potter’ came to her mind. She immediately wanted to get it down on paper, but at that time she did not have a pen. She used to be so shy that she could not even ask for a pen from anyone nearby. After reaching home after completing the journey, the first thing he did was write this story. Although, she used to write stories since childhood, but the story of ‘Harry Potter’ was settled in her mind. Whenever she got time after her, she used to work on this story.

After Harry Potter,

Although the Harry Potter series is over, Rowling continues to work on other writing assignments. The Tales of Beadle the Bard – the first of five fables to be mentioned in Harry Potter The demonstration took place at the State Library of Scotland in Edinburgh in front of 200 school students [6]. Rowling gave all the proceeds of the book to the organization ‘Children’s High-Level Group’, of which she was a co-founder. In 2013, Rowling attempted to write in the genre of crime fiction, but it was too suspenseful in itself. That same year Rowling announced a new film with ‘Warner Bros’ that would be inspired by but not part of Harry Potter. She announced on her website that she would write an encyclopedia of Harry Potter, the proceeds of which would go to the organizations.

Mother’s death and marriage

Rowling’s mother was suffering from sclerosis. He died in 1990 after a long illness. Rowling was very close to her mother. His death was nothing less than a shock to him. She broke down and left England and went to Portugal. There she started teaching English. There he met a TV. Journalist George Arantus’ and both of them got married. A year later their daughter ‘Jessica’ was born.

Marital tension and divorce

Marital life was not pleasant for them. She was a victim of domestic violence. One day after only thirteen months of marriage, her husband threw her out of the house at 5 in the morning. Her baby girl was only a month at that time, with which she went to her sister’s house in Edinburgh. At that time he had a suitcase and three chapters of the manuscript of his novel ‘Harry Potter & the Philocopher’s Stone’.

After the breakup of the marriage, Rowling came under a lot of stress. After living with her sister for some time, she filed a divorce case against her husband and got divorced.

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