Joe Biden – Untold Story of Journey from suicidal attempt to become 46th President

Who is Joe Biden?

Joe Biden – 46th President of the most powerful nation in the world. This story is not only about the success of this person but includes his struggle, the challenges he faced in life, and about the long path he has chosen to reach till now. The man who was surrounded with depression once and was thinking about suicide But after shaking off every challenge, every depression he would stand tall.
Every man faces challenges in life, and some people get depressed with it but a man like joe Biden overcomes these challenges and craete his own worth in life. he become President of the united states at the age of 78 and become the most powerful man on the earth.

When was Joe Biden Born?

Joe Biden was born on 20 November 1942 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Skelton, Pennsylvania, USA. He was born in an upper-middle-class family. His full name is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. His early upbringing took place in Scatton, Pennsylvania. His father was Joseph Biden Sr. Who had an oil business. Due to huge loss in business. His father had to face a lot of financial problems. Thereafter, he had to struggle a lot to find a job. Then Biden’s father got a job selling cars. Due to this his entire family had to shift to Wilmington Delaware. Apart from the work of cleaning his father’s furnaces. There were also sellers of used cars. His father passed away at the age of 86. The mother there, after completing 92 years of age, left this world. His mother’s name was Catherine Eugenia Jean Fignon. who was a housewife? Born in Catholicism, Joe Biden is the eldest of four siblings. His sister’s name is Mary Biden and his two brothers’ names are Frank Biden and Jim Biden.

What is Education of Joe Biden?

Joe Biden’s early schooling was completed at St. Paul Elementary School in Skelton. He was not such a good student in his studies. They were just counted as the average student. When Joe Biden was 13 years old. Then due to losses in the father’s oil business, the family had to move to Delaware. Even here he did not let his studies stop. Joe Biden enrolled at St. Helena’s School there. Then continued his studies. He worked along with his studies to pay for his studies. Along with cleaning the school, this work also included cleaning the windows and the garden of the school. Thereafter, in 1965, he completed his graduation in History and Political Science from the University of Delaware. He then went on to pursue his law studies at Syracuse University. To study law, he was drawn by his love. During one of the trips, Biden met Nilia Hunter. They both fell in love.

On 27 August 1966, Joe Biden married Nilia Hunter. Biden had three children with Nelia Hunter. They had two sons and a daughter. Joe Biden’s sons are Joseph Beau Biden and Robert Hunter Biden. The daughter’s name was Naomi Christina Biden. Joe Biden wanted a daughter. He got it too, but not for long. On December 18, 1972, Biden’s wife Nilia and their 1-year-old daughter Naomi were killed in a road accident in Delaware. One leg of his son was broken. Along with Hunter’s leg injury, there was a skull fracture. This accident broke Biden. He went into so much depression. That he even thought of committing suicide. The family took care of him after this Biden decided that he would leave politics and take care of his children. Biden was a good politician. So it was suggested to him not to leave politics. Biden decided. That he would, as a senator, follow through on his responsibility. He was first elected to the Senate. But did not go to Washington for the swearing-in. Rather they took the oath of office and secrecy
his son, who was injured in the accident, was hospitalized. After this 5 years were very difficult. As a single father for 5 years, he raised both sons. Also followed the responsibility of the senator. He used to travel 108 km from Washington DC to Wilmington by train every day. Later, as long as he was a senator. This habit of his remained. In 1975, on a blind date arranged by Joe Biden’s brother, he met Jill Jacobs, a teacher. Then on June 17, 1977, Joe Biden and Jill were married at the United Nations Chapel. Joe Biden gave his second wife a chance to keep up with her interest in politics. He also has a daughter. Her name is Ashley Biden She was born in 1981. Ashley Biden is a social worker. In 2015, he suffered another setback. When their eldest son Beau died of brain cancer, at the age of 46.

Political Career of Joe Biden

Joe Biden, since childhood, had a problem with long conversations and giving long speeches. He used to stop in the middle of each long conversation. Or he used to start repeating the same thing. To overcome this problem, Biden worked very hard. For this, Biden recited poems while holding a stone in his mouth. All the children read the paragraphs in the book. So Biden used to remember the paragraph very well. He used to practice his speech by standing in front of the mirror. So that the problem of his not being able to give a speech can be solved. Joe Biden was a member of the Democratic Party. They are still there today. In 1970, he was elected to the new council, the County Council. After that, he won the Senate election in the year 1972. After this, he was elected senator for 6 consecutive terms. Joe Biden served as a United States senator from 1973 to 2009. He was only 30 years old. When he was made a US senator. In the year 1988 and in the year 2008, he claimed for the Senate to become President of the Democrat Party. But he got failure both times. But when he lost to Barack Obama in 2008. Then he was elevated to the post of Vice President of America. Early in life, Joe Biden paid attention to many things. He used to pay attention to all those things. So that suitable changes can be brought in the country. Biden focused on consumer protection, investment issue, senior citizens as well as public health care. Tried my best to bring a change for the better. Joe Biden has lived up to his duty as a good citizen. In taking some decisions from them, mistakes have been made. Which he openly admits. Biden was the 47th Vice President. Who worked under the Obama administration from 2009 to 2017, that is, for 8 years. Biden has done a lot of work for women’s empowerment. Due to his good decisions, the public in the US likes him.

Joe Biden – Becomes the 46th President of the US

Joe Biden’s foreign policy was very good. This is the Libbler leader. He had a lot of influence on the people. While he was the Vice President. Fully supported every decision of Obama. He supported them shoulder to shoulder. Whether it is to bring back American troops from Iraq. Whether it’s Obamacare. He managed all these things very well. In the 2016 presidential election, when Obama’s term was over. Then Obama supported Joe Biden. Biden had a long experience. Along with this, he was continuously working with Obama. His influence in the Democratic Party was also considerable. Because of this, he started the Presidential Campaign. But then Hillary Clinton took over. Then Hillary Clinton was elected on behalf of the party. from the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton became the presidential candidate. Unfortunately, Hillary lost to Trump. Maybe Biden would have been in his place. So there were possibilities that he would have been elected to the presidency. Obama’s image was very good at that time. Because of their support, he could have become the President. After this, in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden was put forward by the party. All the leaders of the party supported him. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders was also giving a tough fight. This remained a problem for Biden. Since Bernie Sanders was leading the way. He had a good influence on the people and the party. Despite all this, Biden started his campaign in April 2019. Then suddenly something happened in April 2020, Bernie Sanders withdrew his name. In this way, for the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden became the candidate for the party. As you all know by now. Joe Biden became the President of America in 46, defeating Trump.

American President – Joe Biden at a glance

Full name Joseph Robinette Biden
Nickname Joe Biden, Joe
Date of birth November 20, 1942
Place of birth Pennsylvania, Skelton, United States
Father Joseph Biden Sr
Mother Catherine Eugenia Jeanne Finnegan
School Saint Paul Elementary School, Archmere
College University of Delaware Syracuse University
Educational Qualifications BA – Juris Doctor
Wife Nilia Hunter (Married 1966 – Died 1972)Dr. Jill Jacobs Biden (Married 1977)
    • Naomi Christina (Daughter – Died)
    • Joseph Beau Biden(Son)
    • Robert Hunter Biden (son)
    • Ashley Biden (daughter)


    • Politician
    • Advocacy
    • Author
Political Party Democratic Party
Position 46th Presidential
    • Best Public Defender – 1979
    • Presidential Medal of Freedom – 2017
    • Champion of the Rails – 2001
    • Rail Leadership Award – 2002


Income Not to be Disclosed
net-worth $15 million



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