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Louis Braille A Blind Inventor of Braille script for visually impacted people

Louis Braille day is celebrated to commemorate his birth anniversary on January 4. Let’s see his inspiring life story Louis Braille was born into a middle-class family in France, his father Simon Rayleigh Braille ran the family by making saddles and gins for the royal horses. For family needs, he also employed only 3-year-old Louis Braille with him and Louis also started playing with his weapons due to his childish nature. And one day a knife or a piece of wood fell into the eye of the little boy Louis, the child went to his father crying, but he did not get him treated and bandaged him by applying a herb. After a few days, Louis Braille started seeing blur from the other eye as well but due to lack of money with the family members, he could not get proper treatment. And thus the great inventor Louis Braille became completely blind at the age of 8. After becoming blind, Louis Braille did not give up and enrolled in the Royal Institute for the Blind with the help of a priest. And one day he heard that Captain Charles Barber had made a script that could be read by groping he made that script for the soldiers but Louis Braille met him and made amendments to it. And after several modifications, in 1829 he invented the 6-point Louis Braille script. Braille script is a method used by blind people by touching them. Before the Braille script, blind people were studied in the Valentin Hou script. According to him, the blind should be given the same importance in the world as the common people are given. But the importance of this invention of his life was not known to the people, but after his death, his invention proved to be helpful not only for Paris but for the whole world. Created a writing style in his name, which had six dot codes. The script was later known as the Braille script.

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