Mahatma Gandhi – Read How an Ordinary Man Become Indian Father of Nation?

The Man who is considered to be the father of the nation in India is the most charismatic man in Indian history; even all Indian currency notes have Mahatma Gandhiji pictures on them. The title “Mahatma” (meaning “great-souled”) was given to him in 1915 by his friend Rabindranath Tagore. He never accepted the title because he considered himself unworthy of it. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times between 1937 and 1948. After his death, the Nobel Committee publicly declared its regret for never awarding him the Prize. Read How from Childhood seeds value like truth and non-violence which he believed throughout the life? How an Incident changes his Life 360 degree? How a Lawyer left his abroad well settled profession and came India to fight against British Rule? How he had faced racism? How he fight for his people rights without war and weapon? How ordinary men become Indian father of nation? And how he has great hold in Indian politics? And How he played Major and Important Role in Indian Freedom struggle? Read below story carefully of Mahatma Gandhi the most Iconic & Famous man in Indian history which makes you his followers and devotee unknowingly.

Mahatma Gandhi How it’s Started

Born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Gujarat, Mohandas Gandhi’s father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi, and his mother’s name was Putlibai. Gandhi, who followed Vaishnavism, was greatly influenced by his mother. His simple and simple life was due to the influence of his mother. Gandhiji’s father was the diwan of Porbandar and Rajkot under British rule. Gandhiji, the youngest of three brothers, could only pass the language Subject, but Indian Jainism had a deep influence on his life.This was the reason that he unwaveringly believed in truth and non-violence and followed it throughout his life. Gandhiji studied at Alfred High School, Rajkot.

Mahatma Gandhi what happen when he was working at South Africa?

Mahatma Gandhi took the initiative to get freedom in India, but he started it in South Africa. He started many mass movements there regarding discrimination, due to which Shri Gandhi filled new awareness, new consciousness, and new resolve in the entire society there. That’s why he gets a lot of respect not only in India but also in South Africa. Many generations of Gandhi still live there. Gandhi established Tolstoy Farm, a small 1100-acre colony 21 miles from Johannesburg, during the Satyagraha struggle in South Africa. He was on good terms with the writer Tolstoy.

An Incident which Changes Mahatma Gandhi Life 360 Degree

In early era at South Africa Black and Brown skin people like Indians are considered to be outcast and used to call porter, Gandhi was a Barister at that time and was going towards Pretonia by Train from 1st Calss Coach as he was renowned lawyer of Africa, suddenly one European Passenger enters the coach and he saw Gandhiji, and started misbehave with Gandhiji, they both started arguing with each other Gandhiji was firm as he was having 1st class coach ticket and had full right to seat on 1st class coach, other passenger had complained to station master and asked to send this Porter to 3rd class coach, nobody listened to the Gandhiji and despite of having legal ticket of 1st class coach policemen forcefully pushed him out of the coach with his luggage, He was sitting on the platform for whole night in Freezing Weather and not touched his luggage throughout the night. He realized that if Barrister like him got this kind of treatment then how other ordinary people suffer in this Racist Mentality and Decided to fight against it with the Power of Truth.

Mahatma Gandhi and his Experiment with Truth

Mahatma Gandhi and his Experiments with Truth this book is autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi Considered to be most Inspirational book of 20th Century he claims in this book how personal truth evolve over the time, this book teach us mostly moral and spiritual nature help him at every stages of life even in politics, it covers Gandhi ji all life descriptively starting from childhood to his early marriage, how he gave up eating NonVeg?, he admits of stealing and drinking excessively, his father death , he started empathizing with people , his higher education, how he came to India, how he become activist, how he decides, to work for struggling Indian population , his Non violence Revolution , everything he has mentioned where people need to know He was also Human being and Human can make mistakes.

Mahatma Gandhi How a Peace of Cotton makes revolution?

In India Khadi ( A pure Cotton Garment ) is not just a piece of cloth but its symbol of patriotism, in 1020, Mahatma Gandhi started encouraging the use of handspun and hand-woven clothes to reduce dependency of foreign goods. This was land mark step a simple step taken by father of nation would change the destiny of Khadi in the year to come, you used the see Gandhiji most of the picture by wearing one cloths on his body that cloth is made from Khadi because he believed that to make strong nation you will have to build nation self dependant, and till date government of India taking many initiative to promote Khadi

Mahatma Gandhi a Man with Values

He was great philosopher and strongly believes in ethical values, Non Violence ( Ahinsa )- Non Violence develop respects, it prevents war, murders, exploitation and injustice in the world , he shown you can win the war with the power of Non Violence
Truth- he believed that truth is not only in speech but also in thoughts and action, Non stealing – Do not use or other property or things without once permission it create sense of guiltiness in you, Non possessiveness – do not posses anything which one does not really need, Character – it comes witching and its key to success, man with character will make you worthy of any position you belong to,

Mahatma Gandhi Contribution in Freedom Struggle

  • Champaran Movement-In Champaran village from India British asked farmers to grow crop Indigo forcefully, as soon as gandhiji He went there with the bunch of lawyers and with non violence and legally they force British ruler to get back seat on this
  • Khilafat Movement –,After world war one Indian Muslims was in fear of existence , in this scenario this great leader stand for All Indian Muslim League although gandhiji was born Hindu and evolve as World Leader
  • Non cooperation Movement – He realized that British Ruler are ruling to india only because Indians are cooperating with them, while in leadership of Indian freedom struggle he started Non Cooperating with British ruler, and more over the Place called jalianwala baugh where thousands of people killed by British triggered this movement
  • Salt March – this is considered to be pivotal movement in Indian freedom struggle, he marches 388 kilometers to show protest against tax imposed on salt by contemporaneous Government, thousands of people joined him in this march, this is the landmark in Indian freedom history
  • Quit India Movement – in World War II, Gandhiji said India or Indians will not participate in it as this was not for democratic purposes and India is not free country after world war II British position in the world changes dramatically and Mahatma Gandhi Started Quit India Movement by saying to British ruler, Leave India

Mahatma Gandhi and Dark Day of his Assassination

After Indipendance Ghandhi was working on Peace and Brotherhood amongst all communities, 30 Jan 1948 was darkest day in Indian History, the day was started like normal day for mahatma Gandhi, it was Friday, he woke up early morning at 3 30 AM in the morning, after this he has done his daily prayer, every day there are lot of people used to meet him, he met with Mr. R.K. Nehru, has discussion with Sardar Patel ( who was pioneer of united Indian states ) after this discussion he was going for his evening prayer, people used to sarounded him like everyday it happens, in between the crowd one young guy name was Nathuram Godse greeted gandhiji and shot dead and killed Father of Nation

Here are some quotes by Mahatma Gandhi

1: Be the change you wish to see in the world.
2: You must not lose faith in humanity.
3: Find yourself the best way to live is to lose yourself in the service of others.
4: Freedom has no meaning if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes
5: Fear of the body It is not a disease, it kills the soul.
6: If we want to overcome the raging storm, we have to move forward with full force, taking more risks.
7: Live as if you have to die tomorrow and learn as you have to live forever.
8: An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.
9: In a humble way, you shake the world Can.
10: The rose does not need preaching. He only spreads his fragrance. Its fragrance is its message.

Personal Details
Born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Date of Birth 2 October 1869
Place of Birth Porbandar, Porbandar State, Kathiawar Agency, British Raj
Died 30 January 1948 (aged 78)
Place of Death New Delhi, Dominion of India
Cause of death Assassination (gunshot wounds)
Monuments Raj Ghat
Gandhi Smriti
Citizenship British Empire (1869–1947)
Dominion of India (1947–1948)
Qualifications Alfred High School, Rajkot (1880 – November 1887)
Samaldas Arts College, Bhavnagar (January 1888 – July 1888)
Inner Temple, London (September 1888–1891)
University College London (1888–1889)
Occupations Lawyeranti-colonialistpolitical ethicist
Years active 1893–1948
Era British Raj
Known for Leadership of the campaign for India’s independence from British rule
Notable work The Story of My Experiments with Truth
Political party Indian National Congress (1920–1934)[1]
Movement Indian independence movement
Spouse Kasturba Gandhi
Children HarilalManilalRamdasDevdas
Parents Karamchand Gandhi (father)
Putlibai Gandhi (mother)
Relatives C. Rajagopalachari (father-in-law of Gandhi’s son Devdas)

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