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Overcome Fear – How Read This

To overcome fear we must need to understand what is Fear? Imagine you are doing a HALO ( High Altitude Low Open ) Jump, wherein you will have to jump from a very high point let’s say about 30000 feet high from a plane at enemy land and need to open the parachute at 1500 feet, now imagine further you are doing this for the first time and the plane reaches 20000 feet what you feel this emotion called is fear because your mind knows there is no 2nd chance if you fail in this. Now, different people, have different approaches to overcoming this pressure-like situation someone close eyes like sleeping, someone talking loudly, someone chanting, and someone trying to crack jokes however one thing in everybody’s mind is what if… something goes wrong Now after some time, someone started a practicing drill – practice the training and gradually everyone started replicating this… Why? Because when we are doing routine practice our mind thinks that everything is in control and started relaxing our body now you are ready for the jump, stand on the ramp to jump… and you jumped… at a sufficient height, you are trying to open the parachute, but it does not get open, trying 2nd-time but again failed to open … now what you feel is an extreme level of fear and with the third attempt, the parachute opens up but get stuck with your leg.. Now you are in the situation you cannot able to open your reserve parachute as well At this point, everything means rational thinking, and decision-making all get shut down but you believe in your training, if you train well and practice well this will help you to easily overcome all the difficult situations, now Almost 5 seconds gone you see the earth and you feel like the earth is started to hypnotize you and suck towards her it’s called gravity, but you won’t be distracted you cut the parachute opens the reserve parachute and successfully landed on earth Fear is reactive and defensive in nature and it won’t allow us to experiment and provide solutions in a difficult situations If you don’t know how to play with Fear then it wills shutdown you, do you remember your first speech or your exam… do you feel at one stage you are getting blank? the main characteristic of fear is uncertainty for example if I would tell you to punch your left hand with your right hand you will do it right away but if I tell you someone else will punch you very slightly you could feel fear because you don’t know the person who is going to punch you is normal or aggressive, and don’t know how much he hit you hard We fear when we don’t have the answer to face difficult questions We will overcome the fear when we mastering in practice, affirmation, visualization, and training this is the best way to overcome it And choose your challenges on your own otherwise you will spend your whole life in reaction and survival, everybody has challenges but you will have to make your life challenging on your own Like if I am afraid of public speaking, I will take this as a challenge and try to master it and one more important thing we humans have the maximum level of tolerance and the power of control, you just need to learn the skill how to use it When you feel fear

  • concentrate on Job which is assigned to you and concentrate to let’s complete the job or task whatsoever has to happen
  • practice yoga which keeps you calm in a difficult situation
  • and get a good mentor who can guide you in fear like situation
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