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The Power of Eye Contact: How it can connect us and Improve Communication?

In this whole universe there are two types of aspect exist 1st one is which are exist in this world and we can see with our own eyes, and 2nd one is which is beyond this universe and infinite, Do you ever think if you get blend of these two super power How you could change the world? Eyes are the most powerful body part we have blessed by God, Do you know the fact what you see it get register in your mind, yes your eyes has direct influence to your mind, You must have seen magic shows on TV or Stage, Magician use concept of illusion to fool your eyes and mesmerize you with his magic trick, there is Concept called Hypnotism, where you could seen Hypnotist take control over his subject mind and command him and subject started doing what hypnotist says. You don’t have to spend years and years to learn Magic tactics or to Learn Hypnotism Here we will tell you 3 Super Powerful techniques by using it you could Enter in to your client, customer, teacher, boss, or anybody who will Help you to improve your performance or make you wealthy in his Mind via Just a Eye contact..With these Techniques you could influence people; you could understand what person in front of you is thinking about you? How you convince person to start liking you, you could improve your sales, how you can win hearts? How you allow someone to become a fan of you? Even you can influence someone to fall in love with you and looks does not matter, your eyes work for you. Let’s Focus and Practice Each Technique ahead which has capacity to Change your fortune forever… so Here it is below


Here We will not give you long tips but tell you 3 crisp techniques you can use and win the person, we will give basic techniques, middle-level techniques, and advance technique of eye contact which can help you a lot while speaking to anyone
All these are techniques are like basis academic degree, post graduation and Masters, it totally depend upon your nature how your personality is? If you are student or fresher or introvert kind of person we want you to start with Basic Technique start mastering it if its works well then eventually go with mid level and advanced technique. Along with these techniques you will also learn how each technique has unique impact at subconscious level


If possible have a clean shave, or trim beard so that it enhances your impression on to the other person

If you are among Introvert People

There are lot of people in the society now a day’s who boldly express their views on social media but in real life not able to portray themselves to their friends, these kind of people who do not speak too much, avoid crowded events, but one has to get out this fear of talking to someone, you are reading your life changing content now, we will tell you How you can established the conversation? How you start conversation with someone you like secretly? Or anything. The Biggest problem with introverted people is not that they feel nervous while talking to someone else.
When you feel nervous firstly your body language net nervous have hesitation while speaking with somebody and the third thing is not able to establish eye contact, you feel nervous when you are at least not able to set eye contact with another guy. It affects badly on your confidence


Whenever you are meeting with anybody do not try to play with eye contact directly, if you are shy in nature you find it difficult to see in both eyes this time try to establish contact with one eye of the person you are meeting with because it becomes uncomfortable to you to focus on both eyes. You can either focus on the left eye or the right eye of the person who is facing you, you can switch the eyes accordingly, and it will help you to set eye contact at the initial stage.
try to notice the eye color of the person so that you can consciously focus on the person and slowly you will get comfortable with talking to the person, and automatically your body language become positive, when your body language gets positive then you will find you will not hesitate while talking, this is the best practices proven method you can use to speak confidently with anyone you are meeting for the first time., you can use this with any of your friends, colleague or you feel nervous while speaking to any girl can use this technique.
How to create attraction with eye contact


This is the best-proven method to get eye contact, have you seen actor Leonardo the Caprio, you will have to establish eye contact like him, like open your eyes not so big and not so tiny see someone where your eyeballs only could visible, so that it builds tension in another person mind, I will bet you girls will tell you they have not seen eyes like you

second is a smile-like smirk – the mindset is to smile like you know everything about the other person, react like this only, if you gel your eye contact with this smirk technique you forcing someone to become a fan of you.

Remember eye-contact and emotions are the perfect combinations to win someone’s heart, by showing emotions you create trust, and with eye contact you create attraction

This then is the pure proven technique to establish a personal bond with any girl or boy and to give a love signal, and how to do it

see in the left eye for 1 second, then see for 1 second in the right yet and then see 1 second for lips again see the left eye, and continue this throughout the conversation. tips here is if you see the lips more than the second that means you are giving a clear indication about expressing love but if you concentrate on lips for one second it shows care

Pro Tips of Eye Contact

  • If you are speaking to someone else and having eye contact with the person whom you are talking to, it create image like you are disrespecting the person in front of you and create impression that you are not interested in conversation, so 1st tip is make eye contact with person who is talking to you this leads to create positive image and earn respect towards you.
  • When your are at presentation or sitting for the meeting remember do have give much attention to only one person or few person, sometimes as a human nature we pay attention to our seniors or boss or people who question a lot while paying attention to them only disconnect other people from you so 2nd tip is establish eye contact with each member for few seconds so that they feel they are important for you.
  • Do not make someone uncomfortable with your eye contacts, do not look at any specific person consistently, this will make them unconformable, apply make and break the chain rule, where established eye contact for 5 to 7 seconds then see somewhere else and after a while again start establishing eye contact. This can also apply to group of people
  • At Professional Meeting, Presentation or in Public speaking when you make eye contact it improve your concentration level when you are establishing eye contact with various people one after other it help your mind to get calm and relax as you are able to connect and engaged many people in one go, it eliminate your nervousness.
  • When you established confident eye contact it ensure other people what you are saying it has some weight age, make you viewpoint strong.
  • It’s not just when you are speaking you can established eye contact but you need to pay attention to it and make positive eye contacts when you are listening to someone else , this is most important rule in listening skill as well.


Fun fact is if someone tries to established eye contact while smiling its max chances that he or she may attracted towards you, so all girls and boys, men and women you may find who is attracted towards you .

All above techniques are proven techniques and we have tried to make you understand each one with most simplistic language, we have knowingly kept this content crisp and not used any jargons and boring and long lectures, all the best we insist you to read this blog one more time as we don’t want you to miss anything to achieve your goals , We request you to subscribe us for more interesting topic like this, and do not forget to share your real life story how you use these techniques in your real life

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