The Rise and Success of Arnold Schwarzenegger The Real Life Terminator

You, me & this whole world know the name Arnold as one of the great superstar of Hollywood Industries, a Body builder stylish man who known for his famous action movie series called Terminator, A smart handsome looking rich actor who engaged in not only in charity but also become governor in USA. Sounds all good here, Now Do you know His father used to beat him a lot in his childhood, he loves his mother but unfortunately she also died early, this boy struggled lot to escape from his suffocated life, his father wanted him to be policemen but he wanted to be bodybuilder, used to get only 3 days permission to go for the Gym, had health issues, scarcity of money, no support, no back up. Even after extreme situation this boy decided what so ever happen he wanted to achieve his goal one day and had mindset no one can stop him to do that. later on he has to join the military, where he had continued his physical training for body building, got punishments many times, at times went in jail as well but this man not ready to gave up. At last he has achieved everything he has dream for let it be films, awards, fame, money, power everything, Read the story of Man who Written his fortune by Himself.
Read the story of most stubborn person of the history Arnold Schwarzenegger who is living example of dedication and hard work who teach us man has to be believe in himself and nothing is Impossible in the world.

Arnold & suspect on his Birth

Arnold Born on 30th July 1947 in Austria, in small village, he do not have modern technologies like we used to have in today’s modern age, and to get anything one has to do lot of handwork, this could be a reason behind his so much handwork, he do have adorable childhood, During his entire childhood he faced a conflicting relationship with his father under the suspicion of Arnold not being the biological son of Gustav Schwarzenegger and due to this he was neglected by his elder brother. Even his father used beat him a lot and humiliates this boy all the time

Arnold & Madness towards Bodybuilding

At the age of 14 He started doing Weightlifting; this young boy started getting motivated by Bodybuilders like Rage Park, slowly slowly this liking converted to passion. He was very fond of doing Gym practice even after extreme economical condition at home. Arnold’s mother remained skeptical and thought his son was ill when she saw the pictures of male bodybuilders in his room, for which she even called the doctors.

Prisoner Arnold & Junior Mr. Europe competition

At the Age of 18, Arnold served his compulsory Austrian Army’s one-year service as a tank driver, where he was put in a military prison under the charges of insubordination for participating in the Junior Mr. Europe competition. Can you imagine This Boy was in Prison even after winning the Junior Mr. Europe Completion? Later after getting success he has purchased the tank he used to drive.

Arnold & Mr. Universe Competition

There after He kept eye on winning of Mr. Universe Competition because he knew that to achieve his goal he has to migrate land of Opportunity America and this was the only opportunity which take him near to his dream. He has achieved remarkable milestones at a very young age. He won Mr. Universe Competition in his 2nd attempt n 1967 just at the age of 20 and become youngest person ever to win the competition. Later he won this completion thrice and finally went to united state at the age of 21

Arnold & Mindset while competition

Arnold written in his Biography Total Recall, when he was in completion in backstage he used to roam around here and there and closely observing his competitor, he used to stare to his competitor like he already won the competition and pinpointing his competitor on his small mistakes like posture and stance, he used this tactic to make his competitor unsecure and feel like there is no use of participating as Arnold only going to win, this shows even though body building completion is not only about your body but also about your mind. He was visualizing himself by taking trophy and had no doubt about his winning; you can read our blogs on Visualization to know more about this technique.

Arnold & Achievement of his 1st Milestone

He won Mr. Olympia Completion by 1979 when he was just 23 year old, this is Highest Bodybuilding milestone any bodybuilder dreaming for which won by Arnold at very young age now he started concentrating his 2nd Dream to Become Actor.

Arnold & struggle to become Actor

This was the time when Hollywood does not have actors with Huge body, and suddenly one bodybuilder wanted to become actor with athlete body people started making jokes on this, many film maker refused him by saying you are so huge, not able to speak proper English, have very strange accent, he does not care about what people think about him and one day he will chase his dream.

How Arnold become Millionaire before becoming Actor?

Arnold has smart and sharp mind, at early stage he realized that bodybuilding does not have very long career and seen many body builders does not have money to retain his body in shape even after winning awards, he already seen poverty at his childhood, he does not wanted to get in to such a tragic situation so what he does? He has started buying property with his winning amount and used to sell the property at higher price, eventually he become millionaire before start his acting career.

Arnold the Movie Actor

After becoming financially stable now he can able to focus on his dream which is acting, he started working on his English and Acting Skills, do not hesitate to work in small projects and his struggle end when he got the main role in his movie Conan the Barbarian in 1982. Real Fame he got with Terminator Movie Series, you can see confidence of this man when he was in Germany (Munich) at business school, there he spelled one of his coaches “I’m going to become the greatest actor”

Arnold, His Fear & Father Funeral

In 1971, Arnold’s brother, Mein hard, died in a traffic accident, and a year and a half later, Arnold Schwarzenegger lost his father too. Despite possessing a good relationship with brother Mein hard, he did not attend his funeral out the fear of having to face his father with whom he didn’t carry a good relationship.

Arnold the Superstar

After his role in Conan the Barbarian in 1982 was praised by film critics. After that, he was up for the lead role in the sequel Conan the Destroyer. After movie Terminator solidified his image as an action hero alongside the popular actor Sylvester Stallone. With a phenomenal career, Arnold Schwarzenegger is acclaimed to be the most popular personality alive. Alongside being the best action movie star, he is undoubtedly the most recognized and famous bodybuilder. Age was never a barrier for him to excel in his career. his movie crossed billions of dollar which was made him Superstar.

Arnold & When maid become Pregnant

In 1986, Arnold married Maria Shriver of the Kennedy family and lived in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles California. Arnold fathered four children named Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher, and in 2011 the couple shockingly opted for separation. Years later, it was discovered that Arnold had another child out of wedlock with the family maid who was born days after Christopher’s birth. Regretting the incident, Arnold said “As inspirational as I am for my accomplishments, my mistakes should also serve as a warning” because this led to family pain and the splitting up of the whole family.

Arnold & Governor

In year 2003 he wanted to become governor as he wanted he stand for governor election and won Governor Election and remain governor of California till 2010 he successfully completed his dream to become successful politician as well.


We always seen him as a superstar, a bodybuilder, Governor, Businessman and Celebrity But behind all this fame despite challenges in his personal life he has kept himself motivated and believe in working hard in every path of life Today, his life struggles, and achievements are a great source of motivation and inspiration for everyone.

Personal details
Full Name Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
Born July 30, 1947 (age 75)
Place of Born Thal, Styria, Republic of Austria
Citizenship Austria, United States
Political party Republican
Spouse Maria Shriver
Children 5, including Katherine, Patrick and Joseph Baena
Father Gustav Schwarzenegger
Relatives Chris Pratt (son-in-law)
Education Santa Monica College
UCLA Extension University of Wisconsin–Superior
Occupation Actor, Bodybuilder, Businessman, Politician, Author

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