The Speeches of Abraham Lincoln: A Look Back at His Most Famous Words

This is story of a Child who lost his house at the age of 2, a Kid who lost his mother at the age of 9, could not able to complete his schooling in initial days, a Young Man who lost his girlfriend at the age 24, went in depression, a Man who lost his 3 kid out of 4, failed in marriage, failed in elections, failed in business, had nervous breakdown despite of all challenges become 16th President of America Abraham Lincoln, The man who never gave up and who always try harder and harder , move forward in life without care of any obstacles, ended up with success stories, Instead of being afraid of challenges, he fought against it, cope with all difficulties of life. Most inspirational story of a man which is stranger than fiction which give you Goosebumps, read life story of most iconic man on this planet.  

1. Childhood and Abraham Lincoln

When Abraham Lincoln was only 2 years old, his family had to leave their home and move to another place due to a land dispute. You can imagine what happens to poor families if they have to leave their homes. But the matter does not end there, after living there for about 5 years; he had to leave that house again due to a land dispute. Lincoln was only 7 years old at that time. After leaving the place, his family started living on the bank of a river. Here Abraham Lincoln’s father also started farming. When Abraham Lincoln was 9 years old, his mother died of a serious illness. The problem does not end there. Life had become angry with Lincoln and was showing him a mirror step by step. Abraham Lincoln was very fond of reading books and Lincoln wanted to read but his father had a very cruel nature and because of his cruel nature, Lincoln could go to school only for a few days.

2. Job Career and Abraham Lincoln

His father wanted his son to help him in his work. And so Lincoln had to do the logistic work I mean moving goods from one place to another by boat and in the remaining time also had to work in the fields. After working for several days, Lincoln got a job in a shop and while working there, he studied law on his own without any college. After a few days while studying, Lincoln got the job of a postmaster in the village itself. After working as a postmaster for several days, Lincoln thought of joining politics in view of the problems of the people there and contested the election of MLA but he lost this election badly. At the same time, he had to leave the post master’s job, due to which he had to face shortage of money for a long time.

3. Tragic Love Story and Abraham Lincoln

When Lincoln turned 24, he fell in love with a girl. He wanted to marry that girl but destiny had something else in mind. His girlfriend died due to a serious illness. Everything was against Lincoln, from childhood until now not much good was going on with him. And his troubles were not going to end even further. After the death of his girlfriend, he went into depression very badly at an extreme stage and started keeping himself away from the knife; otherwise, he would kill or hurt himself. He somehow managed and started another attempt to move forward in life.

4. Political Failure and Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln once again contested the MLA election with the help of his friend and this time he won. With this, on the strength of the law he had studied, he started fighting the case of poor people for free. He practiced law for about 20 years. But friends, the troubles were still not over. Life was slapping one after the other.

5. Marriage, Loss of Kid and Abraham Lincoln

They got married in 1842. After marriage, Lincoln had 4 sons, but unfortunately his three sons died one after the other. At the age of 3, his first son died, at the age of 11, the second son died and at the age of 18, the fourth son died, only one son remained alive. Lincoln was losing in every way but as if it was not in his nature to feel defeated.

6. Political failure the breakeven point

Abraham Lincoln contested the election of ward member but lost, then started his own business, failed, then contested the election of state registrar and lost, when he turned 36, there was a nervous breakdown, contested for Congress after 7 years but lost again, tried again after 5 years but lost again, contested once again at the age of 55 but lost again, after 1 year again as Vice President Contested but lost again, contested once again but lost again.

7. Won the election and became the 16th President of America

After losing and spreading so many times, even the best men get shattered, but this guy was also fighting with the same insistence that he will keep fighting as long as I am alive and perhaps this was the reason that even after losing so many times, Lincoln Contested the presidential election once again in 1860.But this time the defeat was also defeated in front of Lincoln’s courage and in this election, and Abraham Lincoln won the election and became the 16th President of America. After all, how long will defeat last such a man who is not ready to accept defeat? After becoming the President, Lincoln did many great things, the biggest problem was the slavery system, which he ended forever.

8. Achievement as a President and Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln administration did more than just manage the Civil War, although its reverberations could still be felt in a number of policies. The Revenue Act of 1862 established the United States’ first income tax, largely to pay the costs of total war. The Morrill Act of 1862 established the basis of the state university system in this country, while the Homestead Act, also passed in 1862, encouraged settlement of the West by offering 160 acres of free land to settlers. Lincoln also created the Department of Agriculture and formally instituted the Thanksgiving holiday. Internationally, he navigated the “Trent Affair,” a diplomatic crisis regarding the seizure of a British ship carrying Confederate envoys, in such a way as to quell the saber-rattling overtures coming from Britain as well as the United States. In another spill-over from the war, Lincoln restricted the civil liberties of due process and freedom of the press.

9. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated

On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln accompanied his wife to a theater to see a play. Where a famous actor shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln We have heard about Abraham Lincoln biography, could be seen movie like Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter, Abraham Lincoln letter, Abraham Lincoln essay but his story was much strange than any movie and to remember Abraham Lincoln quotes on success

10. Learning and President Abraham Lincoln

If intentions is strong, anyone achieve anything what he is dreaming for, just need honest dedication, hard work, there is nothing in this world who can stop you, who can pull you back you just have to believe in yourself. Remember man is getting failed when he believe he failed The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying and never ever afraid of any failure because Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.  

Detailed Summary
16th President of the United States March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865
Born February 12, 1809
City of Born Hodgenville, Kentucky, United States
Died April 15, 1865 (aged 56)
City of Death Washington, D.C., United States
Manner of death Assassination
Resting place Lincoln Tomb
Political party Republican (1854–1865)
Whig (before 1854)
Height 6 ft 4 in (193 cm)[1]
Spouse Mary Todd ?(m. 1842)?
Children RobertEdwardWillieTad
Thomas Lincoln (father)


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